Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Some information about us...

As we have all been quite busy and distracted from our group blog, I thought it best to use this blog as a directory to find out about our projects individually. Please see below and links to our own independent websites and blogs:

Julia Roebuck - http://upcycle-fashion.blogspot.com

Saida Bruce - http://adiaryfromsaida.blogspot.com/

Sara Pleavin - http://the-geographies-of-footwear.blogspot.com/

Zoe Fletcher - http://www.zoegracefletcher.com/

Kate Wakeling - http://tangledthreadsweweave.blogspot.com/

Katie Ledger - http://www.shedmeclothes.com/

Beth, Kate, Saida and Zoe's blog about their Sri Lanka trip Summer 2010 - http://connectsrilanka.blogspot.com/


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